Security Training & Advisory

Our three offerings use our custom-built cyber security training course as a foundation to give you the tools and context you need to improve your organization's security. The course helps you implement critical NIST Cybsersecurity Framework (CSF) fundamentals in the following areas:

  • Asset Management - Understand your IT environment. You can’t protect what you don’t know is there.

  • Identity & Access Management - Limit the ability for malicious and unauthorized users to access your IT environment and data

  • Backups - Enable recovery of critical data

  • Documentation & Relationships - Build supporting policies & documentation about your IT and cyber security program

  • Security Culture - Build a security-minded organizational culture

  • Vulnerability Management & Threat Monitoring - Patch holes, and detect when someone tries to exploit them

  • Incident Preparation - Establish basic best practices to guide cyber incident response efforts


Includes annual access to our cyber security courses that help you up your cyber security game.

For small organizations who want to get started with cyber security, improve their knowledge, and take proactive steps to make their organizations more secure.

Self-paced training course covering cyber security essentials for your organization

Guidance on how to meet fundamental NIST Cybersecurity Framework requirements

Cyber Security How-Tos, Checklists, and Best Practices

Shared monthly office hours with your training cohort colleagues and our cyber security experts to answer questions about your security efforts


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Our online training course paired with 12 or 24 hours of advisory support by our cyber security experts.

For small organizations who need additional guidance and support while implementing the recommendations from our online training class

Everything in our basic tier plus:

Consulting hours dedicated to your organization to support you as you implement the cyber security best practices in our courses

Additional flexible consulting support available at preferred rates

$3,499 - 12 Hours of Support
$6,499 - 24 Hours of Support


Access to our training course, 24 hours of advisory support, and a cyber security culture program to help your staff protect the organization.

For small organizations who want to develop a cyber security culture that empowers their staff to proactively protect their organization and reduce the risk of human-targeted cyber attacks

Everything in our premium tier plus:

Analysis of each staff member's current security knowledge strengths and weaknesses

Using the results of the quiz, each employee receives a tailored security awareness training course each month, with courses being prioritized to address their weakest areas first.

Two annual phishing simulation exercises to test the impact of security training and to identify any high-risk users.

Instant follow-up training is provided to any employees who fall victim to the simulated phishing exercise to reinforce knowledge

Ongoing dark web monitoring
to identify and avoid early-stage attacks that leverage sensitive, stolen employee information.

Cyber security policy templates to drive security adoption